About W.H. Morden Home & School Association

W.H. Morden Home and School Association is a membership-based, voting, active group of parents with students attending W.H. Morden Public School. Membership is open and encouraged for all parents. We form a diverse, friendly group who are committed to helping ensure our students have the necessary resources to support their learning programs, health, safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of school.

We believe that collaborative partnerships between families, teachers, and staff make a valuable difference in students' school experience, supports teacher satisfaction and engagement and nutures positive child-parent communication and relationships.

As part of the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations (OFHSA) for 58 years, we encourage membership for an annual cost of $15.00 (October 1 - September 30). These fees are used to fund OFHSA efforts in advocating for education-related initiatives across Ontario. Many past successess prevail today. Obtain a Membership Form here.

W.H. Morden Home and School Association meets monthly with school administration and teacher representatives to plan upcoming initiatives, hear about student and teacher academic needs and plan for the future. Meetings are focused on being Efficient, Effective and Enjoyable. A list of Meeting Dates is available here.

We operate fluidly and openly to allow participation in many ways. All parent input is valued. All of us care about W.H. Morden and the experience of its students. The way we work together is always gracious, often playful and never dull.

It is recognized that every parent and caregiver has unique interests. A key priority is to get to know our families so we can help find where you can play a role that suits your schedule, interests and commitment to your child. There are numerous opportunities for parents to help. Please visit Get Involved to find out how. Many hands make light work. Even one hour a month can help make a program or event possible.

A detailed Budget Summary Report outlining this year's areas and items for funding is available below.

Thank you for your support.

5 Great Reasons To Become A Member Of The WHMHSA

  1. Become Truly Connected - Learn what is happening in your child's school by participating with an active group of parents who organize programs and events that build community, spirit, sense of family and fun. 
  2. Meet Other Morden Families - Develop relationships and share ideas with other parents. This is also a great way to connect families with children who are bussed to W.H. Morden.
  3. Your Contribution Counts - We need and value your talent, time and energy to make W.H. Morden an even better school. Collectively, we make a difference.
  4. Your Child Will See You Care - Be a role model for your child by giving back to the community. Enjoy an opportunity to organize and support events which involve student participation and help foster their organizational skills and creativity.
  5. It's Fun! - Have fun with great teams of people. Get to know the W.H. Morden staff and your peers.
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  • Please note: Members can vote on elections and budget decisions. You do not require a Home & School membership to volunteer in programs at our school.



The W.H. Morden Home and School Association Bylaws provides our association with its mission, governance and policies by which to operate. Read Our Bylaws

Financial Guidelines

Documentation on how W.H. Morden Home & School conducts financial procedures in fundraising events and programs. Read Our Financial Procedures and Forms Guidelines

OFHSA and School Council

As part of The Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations, find out how the involvement of volunteer parents can help shape the educational environment of our children's school.

2016-17 Budget Summary

Each year, W.H. Morden's Home and School sets out with many volunteers to raise funds to supplement the operational budget of the school.  An annual budget is prepared of planned expenditures to support curriculum, school resources, teacher classroom needs, student health and wellness, extracurriculars and much more.

2016-17 Budget Summary

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